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The Seniors epowered Experience

This moment in your life is fleeting, but your senior portrait will keep it alive forever. Think of it as a time capsule, capturing not just who you are today, but the boundless potential and dreams you have for tomorrow. Investing in a senior portrait is like investing in a beautiful memory you'll always cherish. Seize the time, make it timeless.

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The experience

digital images start at $1700

Collections start at $850

Session fees from $250

Session fees can include
Choice of location
Wardrobe Consultation
Senior Magazine
*Hair and Makeup
In-person or Zoom ordering appointment

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Preserve and share your beautiful images with professional heirloom prints, albums, and art for your walls.

We all know that you're going to love your photos so much that you will want to show them off to everyone. Digital images are available to compliment your printed images.

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