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Dinnea And Drew’s Oakholm Farm Estate Wedding

There’s no denying it – I LOVE weddings! Whether it’s a grand, opulent affair or a cozy gathering in a backyard, I find joy in every moment. The love that fills the air, the smiles on everyone’s faces, the warmth of the occasion – it’s a privilege to capture these precious moments. One such wedding that tugs at my heartstrings is that of Dinnea and Drew (Andrew). As their wedding photographer, I was fortunate to witness them say their vows at the picturesque Oakholm Farm Estate. With their loved ones around them, they embarked on a beautiful journey of togetherness. Surrounded by lush greenery, their day was filled with laughter and a whole lot of love – a perfect start to their happily ever after!

Pre-Wedding Moments

Oakholm Farm Estate is a gem among wedding venues. It ranks high on my list of favorite venues, and for good reasons! The owners are an absolute pleasure to work with, always ensuring everything runs smoothly. The venue has a brewery on-site that adds a rustic charm, and the farm animals create a fun, picturesque setting. The grounds are well-maintained, providing endless opportunities for stunning photographs. The estate house and boat house are available for the bridal party to rent over the weekend. They not only offer comfortable accommodation but also serve as a gorgeous backdrop for those precious wedding photos. Then, there’s the white tent overlooking the tranquil lake. It’s like a blank canvas just waiting for your personal touch, ready to transform into the perfect reception venue.

My day started with capturing Dinnea and Drew’s getting-ready moments. You could feel the excitement in the air as Dinnea prepared to walk down the aisle. Her thousand-volt smile was infectious as her hairstylist worked her magic – clearly, she couldn’t wait to say ‘I do.’ But the most touching moment of the day came when Dinnea and Drew read the love letter they had written for each other. 

Calling her his “Bean Head” (how cute is that!), Drew thanked God for bringing her into his life and made a promise to love her “to the moon and back.” As Dinnea read these heartfelt words, her eyes welled up with tears. Whereas for Drew, Dinnea went back in time about the first letter that she wrote to Drew. It was a raw, emotional moment that truly encapsulated their deep bond. As the day progressed, Dinnea stepped into her stunning wedding dress, looking every bit the beautiful bride she was. She completed her look with a waist-length veil that added an elegant touch. When it came to the first look, Dinnea and Drew decided to do things a bit differently. Instead of the traditional first glimpse of each other, they chose a no-look first look, opting for a first touch instead. 

Drew and Dinnea reached for each other’s hands with their backs facing each other. Their fingers intertwined, and you could feel the love radiating between them. It was such an intimate, beautiful moment – one that was full of anticipation and pure love. It was pretty special to capture this moment of their journey together.

Dinnea And Drew’s Oakholm Farm Estate Wedding

Photographing Drew and Dinnea’s wedding at  Oakholm Farm Estate was an absolute delight and a dream come true. I saw stunning landscape visuals and the farm’s natural beauty everywhere I looked. With a beautiful lake in the background, the couple tied the knot in the best way possible. Soon after, I whisked away the newlyweds and their wedding party for some group shots. Dinnea and Drew, along with their gang, were so happy and had the brightest and biggest smiles. And guess what added an extra sprinkle of fun to the day? Willow, the farm’s adorable Highland calf! She joined in for some photos, greeting the couple and adding her cute touch to the day.

Dinnea and Drew’s wedding reception was an absolute blast! Set under a white tent adorned with yellow fairy lights, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. The dance floor was the place to be – packed with guests showing off their best moves. Adding to the fun was a charming photo booth where guests could strike a pose and create lasting memories. 

There were speeches aplenty, each one better than the last. They ranged from funny to sentimental, but the one that stole the show was when a groomsman asked Drew to be the godfather of his unborn son. It was a touching moment that reflected their true friendship. There was so much love, not just between Dinnea and Drew, but amongst all the families. You could see the pride in every parent’s eyes. All things considered, Dinnea and Drew’s wedding was nothing short of perfect! 

Turn Your Special Day Into Beautiful Memories With Stephanie Dozois

Drew and Dinnea, thank you for choosing me and trusting me as your wedding photographer. I loved every second of the celebration and was honored to be a part of your special day. You guys are meant to be together! Congratulations, once again. 

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