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Kate And Jim’s The Overlook At Geer Tree Farm Wedding

As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve been privileged to witness countless such unions, and every one of them continues to be a source of inspiration for me. Not only do I get to capture memories for my couples, but I also cross paths with extraordinary people and listen to their unique love stories. Meeting Jim and Kate and photographing their wedding at The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm was amazing. They were full of love and positivity, and working with such couples hardly ever feels like a job. Here’s a glimpse of their special day! 

Clients Turned Special Friends

I met Kate at a networking group, and it was one of those instant connections you don’t come across often. Kate had seen my work and felt an immediate resonance; she knew she wanted me to be the one to capture her wedding day. As a photographer, there’s no greater compliment than that!

And here’s a fun twist: Kate and Jim aren’t just any couple – they’re photographers too! They’re the creative minds behind Seeking Spirit Photography. So, when they chose me to photograph their wedding, it was more than just an assignment; it was a true honor. Being handpicked by fellow photographers? Talk about a confidence booster!

Kate and Jim have not only been fantastic clients but also evolved into cherished friends. Their bond is as vivid and vibrant as the photos they snap, making them a truly inspirational pair. They bring out the best in each other, and their shared passion for photography makes them a picture-perfect couple, both figuratively and literally.

Kate And Jim’s The Overlook At Geer Tree Farm Wedding

The Overlook at Geer Tree Farm isn’t just a place; it’s an experience. The Geer Family, proud custodians of this land, have made it their mission to create a romantic setting for couples to forge lifelong memories. Surrounded by beautiful green lawns and breathtaking mountain views, Jim and Kate exchanged vows in an atmosphere that was pure magic. 

Jim and Kate’s outdoor wedding ceremony was incredibly heartwarming. Jim looked dashing in his suit, and Kate looked stunning in her simple yet exquisite wedding dress. Every moment was so full of love that I could almost feel it radiating off of them. The weather was perfect, with clear blue skies, and the natural lighting was ideal for some light and airy wedding photos. Kate walked down the aisle with a delicate bouquet in her hand and was so happy to see Jim waiting for her at the altar. Equally thrilled to see his lovely bride, Jim was ready to start a new life with Kate. 

However, just a week before the wedding, Jim’s dad was suddenly hospitalized. It was like a curveball thrown into what should’ve been a straight path to celebrations. Jim was understandably filled with worry, but there was also this incredible resilience about him. His mom was a pillar of strength throughout this whole ordeal. Sure, there was a lot of emotion between the groom and his mother, but it was clear that their love for each other was their driving force during this tough time.

Couples Portraits And A Fun-Filled Reception

Despite Jim’s father becoming unexpectedly ill, the spirit of love was undeniably strong. Everyone came together to celebrate the couple’s union in the most beautiful way possible. After saying “I do,” it was time for couples portraits! Jim and Kate were so smitten with each other; it was downright adorable! But the real showstopper was the sunset photoshoot. I always say there’s nothing quite like a good sunset shot, and this time was no exception. The dramatic mountain views combined with the hues of the setting sun were simply breathtaking. And when Jim dipped Kate for a kiss, it was like time stood still. A perfect moment frozen in time.

Jim and Kate’s reception was a whirlwind of laughter, dancing, and heartfelt moments. Jim’s family sang a Polish song, “Sto Lat,” which means “best wishes.” But it was the lighthearted jokes that Jim’s friends cracked that stole the show! They teased him about being a ladies’ man and had all the ladies come up and “return” keys, underwear, and other fake items left behind…Haha! This part was so epic! The night ended with a fantastic dance party, celebrating this wonderful couple. 

Turn Your Special Day Into Beautiful Memories With Stephanie Dozois

Jim and Kate, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I hope you like your wedding pictures as much as I loved taking them. Congratulations on tying the knot, and I look forward to capturing your future milestones. Cheers!

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